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June 1st, 2005:
Completed some untranslated parts in the spanish version, thanks to Fabio Guillermo Chiozza, from sunny Argentina  

April 2nd, 2003:
Posted a preliminary spanish version of this
tutorial, thanks to Julio César Cocco, from Argentina  

September 12th, 2002:
Added some new banners

September 11th, 2002:
Just the act of writing this date is enough to break my heart.
I've added a commemorative ribbon to the PCN logo. It will be there all this week.

September 2nd, 2002:
The whole site has been totally revamped and enriched with the addition of a guestbook, a satisfaction poll and other cgi's

March 6th, 2001:
Removed some links and the pages which they pointed to. Corrected some typos in Section 15

March 5th, 2001:
Posted the italian version of this tutorial  

June 6th, 1999:
The overall size of the main page was reduced

May 18th, 1999:
Posted on the web — wow!